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Lee Hakima 2013-09-22 08 by skydancer-stock Lee Hakima 2013-09-22 08 by skydancer-stock
Modeled by Lee Hakima
Please do not use for work that disrespects or exploits people or animals. Dark Art is acceptable, just try to be artful about it. Lots of gore and body parts is not art unless your name is Frazetta. You may use this stock for creating prints assuming you actually put some work into it and do not just run it thru a filter or apply a few effects. I do not care where you sell or post your art as long as you show me the work. IF you are going to use it commercially other than your own prints, ie a bookcover, cd cover, sell the art to a greeting card company, then you must contact me first with your proposal. In most cases I will approve the project and will be willing to fill out a release which most publishers require anyway.

Art Reference, Figure Studies, Stock. May not be used for Gore, or Sexual images. We support the use of our work by the art student, the traditional artist, for studies, sketch work, developing skills and anatomical studies. Fantasy in the vein of Frazetta, Vallejo, and so on is fine.

Use of these images in your work gives the model and my studio the right to include your work in our personal portfolio as examples of work done from our stock and modeling. Please send me a note or a comment on the stock used when you use it with a link back to the stock from your work, and or a link to our stock account. A link to the model if they are listed is also appreciated.
Photographed by `skiesofchaos

All rights reserved 2013 Dragon's Chyld Studio and Marion Z. Skydancer
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LETMESEEBEUTY Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
Wonderful artwork 
ToAtoneArt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Writer
Very nice pose. Useful for sure. And as an added bonus, your bottoms have ridden a bit. lol Not too risque, but still fun to notice.
skydancer-stock Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Photographer
You do realize you are talking to the photographer I hope, and not the models. And for that matter there are many nudes her available also. Remember, no use for overtly sexual or other such work.
ToAtoneArt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Writer
Nono, I was simply commenting on noticing that the bottoms are, in fact, ridding to one side. Apart from that, though, I like the pose unto itself. I wasn't being pervy or anything--I'm a girl and an appreciator of all art--I was just commenting. ^_^ No need to attack or accuse... :/
skydancer-stock Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Photographer
Not attacking, just making it clear that this is a stock account, and the people in the stock other than myself do not read nor see the comments. 99% of the time when a comment is about the model rather than the stock, it ends up being inappropriate interest in the model, not interest in the stock. :)
ToAtoneArt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional Writer
Ah! I understand. I was concerned you'd misunderstood me for a moment. ^^ No, I'm actually very interested in the stock itself! I was only commenting on her. lol I plan on using it, and plan on for sure crediting you! <3
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